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Years of experienced working with clay and a life-long love of quilts came together in a unique way…and Elk Falls Piecemakers was born. 
While working with her husband in their established family business, Elk Falls Pottery, Jane began to experiment with quilt designs in clay.  Primarily using fine, white porcelain, she created a line of “quilt pins” using traditional quilt patterns as well as some contemporary designs.  Each pin, earring, magnet and tile are individually formed, hand colored, and finished with a clear gloss glaze.  While very thin and light weight, firing to 2300˚ makes them very durable.  Most of the pins measure approximately 1 3/8” square with matching earrings one quarter of that size.  Custom designs are available.

Simplicity, warmth, security, home.  These are some of the images quilts bring to our minds, reminiscent of a more gentle, quiet time.  A time of family, faith, and friends…and that’s a fitting description of the Piecemakers of Elk Falls.